Embroidery: New Style of Art

When we heard the work embroidery, what comes to your mind? For me hearing it for the first time I know it’s one way of expressing art. People who are into this kind of art are the ones who loves nature and flowers. Nature and flowers are the most common inspiration in embroidery. With its colorful and rich style everyone will appreciate this type of artwork.

Let’s go back to the history of this well - known and one of the most famous style of art.

Its Birth

Embroidery comes from the French word broderie meaning embellishment.

Embroidery is an art or craft of decorating using a needle to apply a thread or a yarn. Based on history articles about the birth of embroidery, it is said the China have been doing embroidery during the Warring States period which is on 5th – 3rd century BC. There are archeological finds of fossilized remains of heavily hand stitched clothing.

Embroidery also started to grow in Europe on the year 1000 with the growth of Christian church. Embroidered garment and ornaments are put in the walls hanging and tablecloths to display power and wealth.

Status Symbol

Embroidery can be seen on clothing, garments and can also be seen on house decorations. During the Medieval times, embroidery is not just for decorating homes but also became a status symbol meaning the more embroidery the richer one is. It was become a sign of wealth for the many. Rich and powerful people not just use heavy embroidered clothes but also make sure to fill their houses of embroidered decoration.


For the Muslim society, embroidery was a sign of high social status. For them, they used embroidered clothing to offer symbolic protection for the most highly valued objects such as household possessions and things with religious significance.

Modern Age

Nowadays, embroidery is very accessible for everyone. Materials are readily available on stores and online. Video tutorials are also can be viewed freely. It has become one of the most used art not just for personal use but also for big fashion brands. It was known that embroidery is just done by hands but now because of the innovations, a machine can also do embroidery. There are already many changes on the art of embroidery but one’s things for sure, embroidery is an expression of art.