Embroidery: Let get Started!!!

Are you looking for another hobby? A hobby that will enhance your creativity? Well, embroidery can be your option. With its material readily available in malls you can start embroidery in the comfort of your own home. Also, if you can’t go to the malls you can just order the things you need online. There are multiple online shops that you can choose from and deliver the materials in your doorsteps. The accessibility of the materials used in embroidery you can start this new hobby anytime.

So, what are the things you need to start with embroidery?


Like any kind of art, an artist needs an inspiration to start with the craft. An inspiration is an important material in embroidery. The inspiration will serve as the medium that will put into life. Choosing an inspiration will depend on your preferences. It can be nature, flowers, trees and patterns, anything and everything can be a medium in embroidery

The inspiration you choose will also depend on what’s its purpose. Where are you going to use it? If you want to use it to beautify a dress then you can use flowers to make it more feminine. If you are thinking to do it to enhance your tablecloth then you can choose images of fruits and vegetables. Or maybe you are making something for your altar then you can make an image of a saint.

In embroidery, there are endless inspiration you can choose from.



The materials in embroidery is not hard to find, that’s one of the good things in embroidery. After choosing the medium you want to create, the next thing to do is gather the materials needed.

  1. Embroidery Hoops

This is an important material when you want to stitch on fabric. The hoops have different sizes depending on your preference. Hoops are usually made from wood. This hoop will help your fabric stay in place while you do your work.

  1. Needles

Needles are one of the most important things in embroidery. It also has different sizes it’s from 1-12. The lower the number the bigger the needle. Make sure to look for needles that is especially used for embroidery.

  1. Scissors

Any stitching work needs a pair of scissors. Make sure to have a sharp one to avoid frayed floss.

  1. Embroidery Thread

The most famous brand that sells embroidery thread is the DMC brand. You can choose from their more than a hundred colored threads. You can check their website at https://www.dmc.com/us/six-strand-embroidery-floss-9003292.html to know more about the products they are selling.



There are plenty of ways where you can learn how to start creating your first embroidered craft. You can use the internet to look through websites where tutorial articles or video tutorials which are free. If you prefer reading, are plenty articles that talks about embroidery. Or you prefer watching videos you can choose from beginner videos to videos that teaches you different techniques to improve your embroidery skills.

Maybe you have a family member or friend who already have done embroidery works, you can ask them to teach you. It is much better if someone can help you personally. And if you don’t prefer the one’s that I mentioned, there are also paid classes that offers embroidery class. There are many options you can choose from, depending on your preference and your availability.

If you already gathered these materials, then you are good to go. Start creating crafts that represent who you are. This type of hobby can be very relaxing and can be time consuming. But I assure you the time and money you spent creating one will all be worth it. Enjoy creating!!!!